Grade 11 Marketing

UNIT 1: Introduction to Marketing

An alternative to the 4 Ps: The 4 Cs of Marketing
Question: Is this a better model than the 4 Ps? Explain what you think its strengths and weaknesses are.

Another interesting article on product placement: Meet the real winners of American Idol

Google and Marketing:
Read the following article and complete the question sheet
Google will ruin everything

Article: Myths About Millenials

1. What is a "millenial"? Why do they think they are such a "coveted demographic" for marketers?
2. Which of the myths are most accurate and which are least accurate, in your opinion?
3. Discuss the degree to which you agree or disagree with the article.

StatsCan Community Profiles
Demographic Data for Ottawa and Canada
Demographic Data for Ottawa and Ontario

Social Media and Marketing:
Read the following article:
The power of PouTweet
- Explain the service that Needium offers
- How else does Montreal Poutine use Twitter as a marketing tool?
- What advantages does social media-based marketing have over traditional marketing like print, radio, and TV?
- The article discusses using a website as a promotional tool. What other marketing activities can a website facilitate?

UNIT 2: Market Research & Product Development

Part 1 - Market Research

Presenting Data: Types of Graphs

  • Bar graph: used to compare different values with each other (ex: how many people play different sports). Vertical bar graphs are more popular, but horizontal ones can be used when category names are too long to fit at the foot of a column
  • Pie chart: used to show portions of a whole (ex: what percentage of students are in each grade)
  • Line graph: used for depicting data over time (ex: how Canada's population has changed over the last 25 years)

Part 2 - Product Development

What Will Life Be Like in the Year 2008?
1. Read the above article
2. What predictions did they get right (or almost right)?
3. Which ones were wrong? Why don't we have these products now? Will we ever?

UNIT 3: Positioning, Branding, Pricing & Distribution

Article: What Great Brands Do

- Summarize each of the 8 points in your own words

Brand Strategies Assignment

Article: Overpackaging

Article: Bribery In China

Article: The Logistics of Christmas
1) What do you think the term "logistics" means?
2) What logistical challenges does the article talk about Toys'R'Us facing?
3) What are some other organizations that you think Christmas poses a particular challenge for (from a logistical standpoint)?

UNIT 4: Advertising